• how to calm your anxious dog ?

    2023-03-17 [ dog bed ]

       As pet parents, we know our dogs inside out and usually know what it is that makes them feel anxious.  there are lots of different and effective ways to help calm a dog down.   the first way is do exercise ,when dog h......


  • why we package by compress vacuum and roll-up for donut bed ?

    2023-03-24 [ dog bed ]

      As we know a good product can't leave the package way , package way also important for donut bed .   Most of our calming pet bed sale to Amazon , website customer, shopify,ebays, the package way will direct effect the ship cost ......


  • How to bond with you dogs ?

    2023-03-31 [ dog bed ]

    Now more and more people keep dogs in their lives, and in the process of raising dogs, I believe that pet owners will interact with dogs and so on. The biggest advantage of interacting with dogs is that they can cultivate feelings。 1. Inter......


  • how to wash the bed ?

    2023-02-09 [ dog bed ]

    Our calming dog beds are a great place for your pup to curl up when they are tried or sleep time . how to Wash your dog bed, that  is very easy , by hand or by machine are washable . Simply put the entire bed in the washing machin......


  • why choose Ochopet as u supplier ?

    2023-03-13 [ dog bed ]

     As we know choose a trusful calm bed supplier is hard for all of the client , also they are very import for all of the client . Calm beds are not only easily obtainable, but they are also highly effective in providing a comfortable an......